Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Flying Above the Rest

My roommate, Bailey Caffe, is #7 on the Baylor University Acrobatics and Tumbling team, so naturally I choose to interview my roomie for this profile story assignment. I love talking to Bailey and listening about all the random stuff that goes on during her day and obviously most of it has something to do with Acrobatics and Tumbling and being apart of the Original 27.

She always has something interesting to say about being a student athlete. You can just look at her and know that she has something interesting to say about it. For instance, the other day Bailey was rubbing Neosporin all of her arms and legs. I naturally asked why and she told me that for their workout this morning she had to push a giant tire from one side of the gym to the other. Thus she had strawberries on her arms and legs. I never realized how much Acrobatics and Tumbling was a sport till I heard how intense their workouts are. I played basketball for my entire life and not once did I ever have to do something as extreme as pushing a giant tire across the gym! Whatever workout works for her, she is very successful at her position as a flyer.

Bailey is so funny. She LOVES flying. She loves flying so much she will just be chilling at our house and randomly lift her leg above her head, because according to her, "sitting normally is just not as comfortable." Like this happens all the time...I never see Bailey sitting normally!

I always laugh when I see her sitting in the weirdest positions. She is just such an all around great athlete to be so dedicated to her sport that she will never miss any practice or workout. She is also a Biology major with her mindset to medical school and she is an active member of Delta Delta Delta. I just don't know how she does is. She is AMAZING...and I think I am busy with just being a Public Relations major and being active in Delta Delta Delta. She sure trumps me. But I guess we all have our strengths and weaknesses. She flies and I am a dedicated student and member of my sorority.

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