Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Taking Chances

In Journalism 2303 at Baylor University, my class was instructed to write a fake obituary about a real living celebrity. I am not going to lie, but it was difficult to write an obituary on someone who hasn't died. When writing this obituary, I felt like I was actually killing her, like not literally, but in the sense that I made up her death. Making up how they died and caping the end of their career when they still in reality have so much more potential was just hard to even do or think about.
I wrote my fake obituary on the one and only Celine Dion who has a, "one of a kind voice," according to The New York Times.

I found it difficult to do this assignment, because I think she is an amazing singer and person and I still await new material from her. You would think that making up her cause of death would be one of the hardest parts of this assignment. It made me feel even a little bit guilty, but it wasn't the hardest part. The hardest part about writing this essay was summing up all her success in a short obituary. 
Excerpt: "Dion became a worldwide phenomenon when she won a Grammy, the highest honor in the music industry, for Best Pop Album, "Let's Talk About Love."  "Let's Talk About Love," eventually went Diamond, for over 1 million copies sold.
She also became a household name when she sang, "My Heart Will Go On," which was written for the movie, Titanic. She won an Academy Award, the highest honor in the movie industry, for Best Original Song.'
She is a household name with a successful show in Las Vegas, multiple grammy wins, and even being a mom with a loving heart for everyone. 

Doing this assignment really helped re-spark my interest for Celine Dion...in fact her song is playing on my iTunes right now. Ironically, "A New Day Has Come," because I am writing this in the wee hours of the morning. After doing this assignment, I looked back and realized I really enjoyed it. Because I got to pick my "beat," which was obviously Celine Dion. I have always thought she was an amazing singer and has always seemed to be caring for her fans all around the world. She has found her way into the hearts of many people as well as mine, and proved her title as, "one of pop music's most influential voices," to everyone. 
I am glad this obituary was fake or else I would be really upset. I hope the Celine sings and puts out many more albums. I might not have understood it then, but I feel lucky that my parents made me listen to her as a kid. She really is such a gifted singer, thank goodness for her awesome music that I love.

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