Monday, December 5, 2011

Winter's tale and her new tail

I just watched the movie, Dolphin Tale, and I was so inspired by Winter, the dolphin. Her ability to overcome a disability of having her tail amputated is amazing. A tail on the dolphin is vital in order for a dolphin's survival. So the fact that someone can make a prosthetic tail for Winter is almost a miracle. Winter is alive and healthy as can be today. Check it out for your self and see a live view of Winter! It is amazing that we have come so far in technology today, that we can give a dolphin their swimming ability back and even walking ability or etc. to a human being. Watching this movie made me feel blessed and thankful that I have the ability to walk, swim and etc. But knowing that we live in a world of progression, there will always be something to help anyone and everyone out if you have faith. You can make anything happen.

Winter and her prosthetic tail

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