Saturday, December 24, 2011

Heaven is For Real


"Heaven is For Real" is an amazing book with an incredible true story!! After reading this book you can't doubt the power of God and how amazing he is. He saved this little boy's life and showed his presence through this little boy's trip to Heaven. This book has proof that Heaven is for real and that the Bible is not just a story, but it is truth. 
I had tears in my eyes and chills during parts of this book. The stories that were told in this book show the reader that there is so much more to life. I highly recommend this book. It is a good read and hard to put down! I read this book in 2 days. Short and easy read! I think it is a book that anyone can enjoy and a great stocking stuffer for anyone who needs a pick me up. This book shows the power of our God and the strong belief of one little boy who showed us that our God is an awesome God.

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