Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tridelt and ATO Baylor All-University Sing: Adventure is Out There!

Baylor All-University Sing. That is what I have been dedicating my past 2 months on. It is a 7 minute broadway style act that each fraternity and sorority put on with singing and dancing. The top 8 groups get to dance again in the fall and perform the same act in Pigskin. We will find out next Saturday who gets to perform in Pigskin, who places and what the audience’s favorite costumes/backdrop/dancing/etc were! We have 9 Sing Chairs that have planned this all out. Now is the time to perform it!
Adventure is Out There! Thanks to Baylor
 Tridelt and ATO are joining forces for the first time ever with another group. It has been such an amazing experience getting to dance with my friends of Tridelt, friends of ATO and my boyfriend! Our theme this year is Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. It is such a fun and energetic act, that I am sure everyone can smile at! 

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